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Shooting scenes at 'The Jamaica Inn' for 'Phantom Force: Infinity'.

Brixham Battery

Filming at Bodmin Jail - Phantom Force: Infinity

During the 'Pirates of Port Royal shoot at Beaumaris Castle

Filming at the 'Jamaica Inn' - Phantom Force:Infinity

Shooting 'In Darkness'

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Stansfilm is a Video production company based in Torpoint, Cornwall and was founded as a business by Filmmaker Kriss Ellis-Stansfield More... in 2005 (although having previously been the name behind several amateur productions since 1992). Our filmmaking experience covers a wide range, including film, documentaries, music videos, promotional films, weddings, special/personal occasions/interest, showreels and more.
The skills required to take your project from concept to a high quality finished product can include filming, editing, special effects, graphic design photography, titles, and DVD.
Bringing our creativity to the production process whilst meeting the needs of the client, we can make your ideas a reality.

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About Stansfilm
A brief history

The title 'Stansfilm' was created as a play on the surname of it's creator, Kriss Ellis-Stansfield. It can also be read as 'Stans film' (i.e film belonging to Stan - Kriss' nickname).
It was originally created for an amateur production made by Kriss in 1992 before his interest in film was realised.
In 1995 whilst studying to become an animator Kriss began to realise his interest in filmmaking and reused the name of 'Stansfilm' on all productions created during his time studying Media at Plymouth college of Art and Design. Gaining top marks and an interest in his work helped inspire Kriss to continue his filmmaking projects outside of college and team up with like minded individuals in an effort to progress within the field. The lack of equipment, and early days of the internet, made this difficult and it was only by a continued thirst to film that Stansfilm didn't die.

By 2004 however, still stuck in the same position, it was becoming apparent that a decision needed to be made in order to move forward.
This resulted in Kriss' involvment with 'Encore Productions' More... and fellow filmmaker David James whos following collaborations together helped inspire the decision to turn Stansfilm, from being just an I.D on amateur productions, into a video production business in 2005.

Since then Stansfilm has gone from strength to strength, becoming a popular name in the filmmaking field, aswell as the paranormal field where many productions have taken place, including popular internet shows 'Phantom Force' and 'Britain's Greatest Haunts'.
Working up and down the UK on a constant variety of projects alongside some of Film and TV's top names and more recently reaching Hollywood after winning the chance to create an official promotional trailer for the 'Charles Band' (Puppetmaster, Ghoulies, Re-animator) movie 'Evil Bong
3-D'. An awarded trailer that has gained more views on youtube than those created by the studio itself. Stansfilm also won an award in 2007 for film work produced for the Royal Navy. Continuing to work with 'Full Moon', we have in production the series 'Dude! The Full Moon Adventures' and also have our name attached to several of their movies, including the tenth installment of the ever popular horror franchise 'Puppetmaster'.

includes a constant stream of talent, welcoming new filmmakers in an effort to help them on their own paths and continuing to collaborate with more experienced filmmakers, old and new.

As of 2014, we are in constant collaboration with Film makers 'Jack Hodgetts' and 'Connor Deane', film company 'Moor Films' and Hollywood
movie studio 'Full Moon'.

Stansfilm, also run by Zoe Collins and Lee Batchelor, continues to move forward and attract attention, with bigger and better projects constantly on the horizon and no sign of stopping.

Expect the unexpected...

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