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Phantom Force

Andy Matthews
TV presenter - Author - Paranormal
and psychic investigator


Promotional Showreel
Edited by Kriss Ellis-Stansfield
Approx 16min 10secs

"That is fantastic!!!!! Really gripping edits,
cant wait to post it up on my website".

- Andy Matthews - TV Presenter / paranormal investigator

This television showreel was edited by Stansfilm for TV Presenter- Author- Paranormal and Psychic Investigator, Andy Matthews. Featuring a look at Andy himself and some of the various television shows that he has been involved with, which include...

Ghost Detectives,
Ghost Team-Phenomenon,
The Other 1%,
Haunted Homes,
Northern Irelands Greatest Haunts,
Britain's Greatest Haunts .

The Andy Matthews title, featured in the showreel, was created by
Stansfilm, but all other footage remains the copyright
of their respective owners.

(Used with kind permission).

To visit 'Andy Matthews' website, click HERE...

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