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Britain's Greatest Haunts

Poster designed by Kriss Ellis-Stansfield - Copyright 2011

TV Pilot

Starring Andy Matthews, Marion Goodfellow, Mark Webb and Richard Felix
Produced by Andy Matthews & Kriss Ellis-Stansfield
Filmed by Kriss Ellis-Stansfield & David James
Directed and Edited by Kriss Ellis-Stansfield
Approx 57mins

Released online Halloween 2012
DVD release 2014

(Below is the Trailer for 'Britain's Greatest Haunts'... Scroll down for the episode)

A spin-off of the BBC TV series 'Northern Ireland's Greatest Haunts' HERE...,
'Britain's Greatest Haunts' stars
'Andy Matthews' HERE... , who leads
a team of paranormal investigators to the 'Fox Inn' in 'Pirton'
for the first episode in this exciting new paranormal show.
Clairvoyant Medium 'Marion Goodfellow'
'Mark Webb' (TV's 'Haunted Homes') HERE...
and Historian 'Richard Felix' (TV's 'Most Haunted')
are among those joining his quest, around the
U.K, in search of all things paranormal.

Many believe... the question is... Do you?

We are giving you an exclusive online premiere of our pilot episode
absolutely FREE. Please help us to spread the word and support
the project so that we may be able to deliver further episodes.
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Britains Greatest Haunts - Episode I

We hope you enjoyed the episode (above).
Scroll down for the Behind the scenes featurette
and those dreaded (but hilarious) outtakes!

(Below is the behind the scenes featurette for the show)

(Below are the Outtakes from the show)

Connections - In many of our Stansfilm productions you will often find nods
from one project to another. Some more obvious than others...

There are no obvious connections in 'Britain's Greatest Haunts' but
Mark Webb's birthday t-shirt makes reference to 'Stavros Acorah' Here


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