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Phantom Force

Richard Felix Investigates
The Cavalier Ghosts
Richard Felix Investigates The Cavalier Ghosts
Paranormal documentary
Starring Richard Felix & Eileen King
Interviewer - Zoe Collins
Directed, written, Narrated and Edited by Kriss Ellis-Stansfield
Filmed by Kriss Ellis-Stansfield & Lee Batchelor

Expected release: Coming Soon

The second in a series of documentaries, produced by
Stansfilm, in the 'Richard Felix Investigates' collection.
Join historian and paranormal investigator 'Richard Felix'
(TV's 'Most Haunted') and Medium 'Eileen King'
as they team up with investigators from across the U.K in their
search for paranormal activity at one of the countrys,
reportedly, top haunted locations....
On the site of the last battle of the English civil war...
'The Cavalier Inn'.

(Below are some outtakes from the 'Cavalier Ghosts' shoot).

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