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Confidential I

Behind the Other Side

Behind the Scenes documentary
Starring Steve Green, Jemma Bassett, Chris Nichols and Mark Humphries
Directed and Edited by Kriss Ellis-Stansfield.
Filmed by Kriss Ellis-Stansfield & Zoe Collins.
Approx 38min 30sec.

"If the episode is anything like Confidential
then we are in for a treat. "

- Chris Kirkman - Filmmaker

In 2008 'Plymouth Who Productions' announced
their plans to produce an online 'Doctor Who' fan series,
starring actor 'Steve Green' in the role of the time travelling 'Doctor'.

Below is the trailer for the first episode - Edited by Kriss Ellis-Stansfield

Stansfilm, aswell as helping out on the PWP series, agreed to shoot behind
the scenes documentaries for each episode, giving the viewer an in depth
look at the making of the series and the creators/actors behind it.
The first episode of 'Confidential' (below) was directed by
'Kriss Ellis-Stansfield' for their first production...
'The Other Side'.

'Confidential' (released in advance of the actual episode) was an attempt to help the PWP productions stand ahead of other 'Doctor Who' fan shows giving a look and style similar to that of the television
'Confidential' episodes.
Stansfilm also helped with advertising for the PWP production
creating trailers (as above), posters and a fake paranormal show
'The Other Side' (related to events in the actual episode).
('The Other Side' can be seen HERE...)

The actual final episode is produced by 'Plymouth Who Productions'
and directed by first time filmmaker 'Chris Nichols'.

Watch it below...

The next episode of this series was in the form of an an audio play called 'Minus One' which Stansfilm created the promotional trailer for...
Click HERE... to watch...


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