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Phantom Force

Phantom Force: Afterlife
Episode I - We Dare to Scare

Phantom Force: Afterlife

Paranormal Series
Starring Kriss Ellis-Stansfield, Zoe Collins, Lee Batchelor & Amie Jones
Guest featuring Pulse-TV and Joanne Willimont
Directed, Presented, written and Edited by Kriss Ellis-Stansfield
Filmed by Kriss Ellis-Stansfield, Lee Batchelor, Zoe Collins & David James
Approx 1hr 41min 44sec.

"Why is this not on television in the UK? It is done well.
Music, Effects, Photography are good and Kriss Ellis-Stansfield is
great. This was much better than Most Haunted. I would imagine
there would be a market especially in the UK. Have you pitched
this yet? After watching part 1, I wanted to see part 2. I watched
it Monday night at almost midnight, and I was tired, but had
to see part 2. That is what you want, an audience who can't
wait to see the next episode".

- Francesca Pamies Stevens
The PTN Network (American Broadcaster)

Phantom Force is a paranormal series unlike anything that has gone before.
A complete change of direction, look and format and an honest
approach throughout. Looking at the subject from upon the fence
and exploring the paranormal world as a whole, investigating
haunted locations across the country alongside different guests
from the field including Psychic Mediums, Paranormal groups,
independent investigators and more.
A series that will answer the questions of believers and sceptics alike.

(Below is the trailer for the first episode - Edited by Kriss Ellis-Stansfield)

Do ghosts exist?
Is the unexplained explainable?
Join 'Phantom Force' as they begin their exploration into the world
of the paranormal in search of the answers to many of our questions.
In this 100 minute pilot episode the team join up with 'Pulse TV' and medium 'Jo Willimont' for an investigation at a top secret location, spend the night
in 'Queen Adelaides Grotto', attempt to contact the otherside with the use
of both a spirit board and glass divination (with some incredible results)
and find themselves with a new and unexpected team member that has
to be seen to be believed.
We Dare to Scare... Do You?

Episode I of Phantom Force premiered online in August 2008
to rave reviews. This single episode attracted a huge following and
enabled Stansfilm to succesfully shoot three complete series', each
one bigger and better than the last.

(Below are the outtakes from the Episode I shoot).

See the second episode of Phantom Force HERE...

Connections - In many of our Stansfilm productions you will often find nods
from one project to another. Some more obvious than others...

There are no obvious connections in 'Phantom Force: Episode I' but reference
is made to the original 2006 'Phantom Force' attempt.

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