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Phantom Force

Phantom Force: Afterlife
Episode II - The Mystery of Mont Morin

Paranormal Series
Starring Kriss Ellis-Stansfield, Zoe Collins, Lee Batchelor & Amie Jones
Guest featuring Carrington Marshall
Directed, Presented, written and Edited by Kriss Ellis-Stansfield
Filmed by Kriss Ellis-Stansfield, Lee Batchelor & Amie Jones
Approx 2hr 10min 03sec.

"This is brilliant stuff. Have you not taken this to a
potential broadcaster?"

- Andy Matthews
TV Presenter (Ghost Detectives, Northern Ireland's Greatest Haunts)

After the success of the first Phantom Force episode it was decided
to push the boundaries even more, expanding on many of the
things that people liked most about the first episode...
Episode II features a much darker theme, more special effects,
music from popular band 'Dark Horizon' and a scary, yet uplifting, style.
Bigger and better but with the main elements still firmly in place.

(Below is the trailer for the Second episode - Edited by Kriss Ellis-Stansfield)

In their second episode, 'The Mystery of Mont Morin', the Phantom Force
team investigate reports of a haunting in an old Kingsand private house
and explore, further, the possibilities of help from the other side.
Joining them is Clairvoyant Medium and Psychic Poet,
Carrington Marshall.

This second episode of Phantom Force premiered online in October 2010
after a long delay. Once again receiving positive comments and attracting
many more viewers. Episode II has become even more popular than
the first with demand for DVD releases and further episodes.
(The Phantom Force DVD collection is expected to begin in 2015).

See the Third episode of Phantom Force HERE...

Connections - In many of our Stansfilm productions you will often find nods
from one project to another. Some more obvious than others...

In the intro for 'Phantom Force: Episode II' a letter from the female characters mother
reads 'Stay out of the basement'... A nod to a popular line from 'In Darkness' Here
which can also be seen playing on the TV.

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