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Evil Bong 3-D Promotional Trailer
Directed, filmed, edited, SFX and Starring - Kriss Ellis-Stansfield
Additional filming and behind the scenes - Zoe Collins
'Wicked Weed' performed by 99 Cent Baby
Additional music by Paul Houseman
Approx 1min 30secs

"This looks more professional than the actual movie"
- Youtube user: Utubeisreallyshit

In early 2011 Hollywood film studio, 'Full Moon Features', announced plans for a third 'Evil Bong' movie... 'Evil Bong 3-D - The wrath of Bong'.
legendary horror director 'Charles Band' (Ghoulies, Troll, Re-animator, Puppetmaster) decided (upon going into production) to hold a competition giving filmmakers the chance to create an official promotional trailer for the movie.
.. (See below)...

'Kriss Ellis-Stansfield' entered the competition and gained over 4000 Youtube views by the end of the competition (more than any 'Evil Bong 3-D' videos made by the actual studio itself). The movie, aswell as being released in 3-D, was to become one of the first films to use scratch and sniff cards. This would enable the viewer to experience smells related to the film. These things would need to be advertised in the promotional video.

The result was a creative and original effort which ranked at the top of the five favorites featured on the 'Evil Bong 3-D' website (including being Charles Band's own number 1 favorite, as publicly announced on Facebook) and appeared on various other websites, such as where it was featured as part of an interview with 'Charles Band'.

(see the finished video below).....

The Stansfilm produced promotional trailer won the competition and was awarded with an 'Evil Bong' replica from the movie, aswell as various other prizes. It has since become reffered to as the 'Official' trailer for the movie, being used on various sites to promote the film, amassing over 18,000 hits by the end of 2011. It also features on the official 'Evil Bong 3-D' DVD release, available from all good retailers..

(Watch the official movie trailer below)...

To visit the 'Evil Bong 3-D' website, click HERE...

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