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FLAMBARDS ADVENTURE - 17th August 2011

Web Series
Starring Zoe Collins and Kriss Ellis-Stansfield.
Guest Featuring Ian Fowler and Bet Collins, Southern Troopers & Kath Rose.
Special Guest appearance by Simon Weston.
Filmed by Kriss Ellis-Stansfield, Connor Deane & Zoe Collins.
Directed & Edited by Kriss Ellis-Stansfield.
Approx 49min 42sec.

"Very cleverly edited! Lots of laughter had by us!
Thank you for showcasing everything we have to offer
and taking the time to do such a fantastic edit of your day.
We will favourite it on our youtube channel!!
See you again this year hopefully!"

- Susie Hale
Head of Marketing and Business Development - Flambards

Zed and Stan head to Helston (Cornwall) for more
fun filled antics, this time at 'The Flambards Experience'.

Scary rides (like the merry go round), the Victorian and Blitz
museums, a scientific playground, Fireworks, Gus Honeybun and
a chance to meet Falklands war hero Simon Weston are all part of
this exciting adventure.

Stan also steps in front of the camera, in costume, to join
Southern Troopers on their latest outing.
Join the adventure.... seen through the (slightly warped) minds of
your favourite crazy couple... Zed and Stan.

.... also, don't miss the outtakes at the end of the film!

Visit the Flambards Experience website below..

Visit Simon Weston's website below..


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