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In Darkness
In Darknees - Poster

Short film - Genre: Horror
Starring Kriss Ellis- Stansfield, George Porter & Christine Winch
Directed, Written, Produced & Edited by Kriss Ellis-Stansfield
Filmed by David James
Approx 24min 24secs

"Great little film with a hint of Stephen King ".
- Paul Houseman - Music Composer/ Film Director

A Grandfathers crazy story spells paranoia for his house sitting grandson 'Josh'. After being told that the house he is staying in holds the portal to
a dark hellish world, Josh believes very little of his grandfathers story.
But Josh is about to discover that this story may not be fiction.
...Grandfathers one rule, 'Stay out of the basement',
is about to be broken and a fear that Josh has never known
will envelope him.... In Darkness.

(Below are the outtakes from the 'In Darkness' shoot).


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