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Phantom Force

Evil Bong 3-D


Kriss Ellis-Stansfield, Megan Deevy and Zoe Collins - Phantom Force: Afterlife

Shooting 'Doctor Who: Confidential II'

17th Century life & Times

Special effects shot from 'Phantom Force: Afterlife'

Kriss Ellis-Stansfield directing Mark Webb - Britain's Greatest Haunts

Southern Troopers promo

Shooting a promo for 17th Century life & times

George Porter - Jimmy

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Phantom Force
Phantom Force - A Stansfilm produced Paranormal Series

Encore Productions
Encore Productions - Video Production company

17th Century life and times
17th Century Life & Times - Historical Re-enactors

Cow print Productions - Films, Podcasts & Fun

Flaming Cog Productions - Video Production-Props-Sets-Cosplay

Mev Productions
Mev Productions - Video Production company

Gerbay Films - Innovative & Creative Independent Films

3B Entertainment - Pure entertainment from the heartland

Awen Creations
Awen Creations - Film and TV makeup

Evil Bong 3
Evil Bong 3-D - The official movie website

Full Moon Features
Full Moon Features - The official Full Moon website

Born of Hope - A Lord of the Rings Fan film
Sponsored by Stansfilm

Hunt for Gollum
The Hunt for Gollum - A Lord of the Rings Fan film
Sponsored by Stansfilm

Felix Films - Film and DVD Production


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