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Welcome to STANSFILM.
Stansfilm is an award winning independent film production company based in the south west of England and operating across the world.
We specialise in making exceptional high quality films, documentaries and promotional videos. Breaking boundaries and pushing the envelope to give you creative, Innovative and stylish productions.
Often praised for the originality that we bring
to our works and the 'Hollywood feel' incorporated
into many of our projects, whether big or small.
Most recognised for our work within the paranormal field, we are the creators of one of the most popular internet 'paranormal' shows,
Phantom Force
, and have worked with some of
the biggest names in the field in order to take paranormal TV into an original and uncharted territory.
Stansfilm continue to produce work for Hollywood film company Full Moon (run by popular horror director Charles Band, of 'Puppetmaster' fame) and recently created popular BBC TV spin-off series, 'Britain's Greatest Haunts'.

For hire - Please contact us at stansfilm@hotmail.com


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