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Phantom Force

Evil Bong 3-D

Minus One
An Audio Adventure

Promotional Trailer
Edited by Kriss Ellis-Stansfield
Approx 2min 25secs

"I love this trailer".
- Steve Green (The Doctor)

After their first live action 'Doctor Who' episode (HERE...),
'Plymouth Who Productions' decided to venture into the world
of audio plays for their second adventure, 'Minus One'.

Stansfilm edited the above trailer to help promote the episode
and help attract fans of the live action adventure to a different format.

Download the 'Minus One' episode HERE...

The Second Audio episode, and third in the 'Plymouth Who' produced
'Doctor Who' series, 'No more War' can be downloaded HERE...

Below is a short Video announcing 'No more war' (by 'Plymouth Who productions').

The Forth episode in this series, 'Incursion', is another live action
adventure which can be found HERE...


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