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Shooting a scene for 'Pirates of Port Royal'

Guardian of the City

Star Wars: Prelude - Fan film

Kriss Ellis-Stansfield & Star Wars Actress Pam Rose

Jason Deakin as 'Darth Maul' - Southern Troopers

Britain's Greatest Haunts- Cast and Crew

Evil Bong 3-D Trailer


Zed & Stan's Stormageddon Adventure

Latest News...

29th Oct 2017

The final trailer for Southern Troopers: Episode IV can now be found on
our Youtube channel. In the meantime, we continue work on the finale'
episode which now features Hollywood legend 'David Warner'
(Titanic, Star Trek, Time Bandits, The Omen).

18th Sept 2017

Another fun couple of months have included the continued filming of Southern Troopers and two weeks of relaxing in Spain. We're also
involved in the filming of 'Higher Justice' from Moor Films. Stay Tuned!

22nd July 2017

We've been incredibly busy over the past few months with filming of the last two episodes of Southern Troopers and the resurrection of Phantom Force. Plus gearing up for a complete restart for STANSFILM very soon.
The future is looking great!

19th March 2017

Filming continues on Star Wars movie scenes and at events for the last
two episodes in the Southern Troopers series. We were lucky enough,
this weekend, to also meet Star Wars actors, David Stone, Clem So,
Nick Joseph and Tina Simmons.

13th Feb 2017

We've had an amazing weekend shooting movie scenes for an upcoming
episode of Southern Troopers, including a battle sequence on location
at a fort in Cornwall.
More to come soon....

25th Jan 2017

Another fantastic year for us in 2016, took us to Belgium, Germany, Austria and across the U.K. We were lucky enough to work with Star Wars actors, David Prowse (Darth Vader) and Paul Warren (Episode VII) and see the release of various productions, that we are attached to, on both the small and big screens.
And so it begins again... We are attached to two upcoming Hollywood releases in 2017. Both the latest installment of the Puppetmaster franchise and the sixth movie in the Evil Bong series.
We have been busy working on movie scenes for the last two episodes of Southern Troopers: Series 2 and preparing to unleash Phantom Force and The Full Moon Adventures on the world.
Bring it on!

3rd Jan 2017

Happy New Year!!

29th Nov 2016

All these rumours of Phantom Force finally resuming production in 2017...... well, what we can tell you is that we've started filming again, an investigation has taken place, another is upcoming (for an episode in Series 3) AND.... these few photos (that we took last week) are all we're going to tease you with at present.... Stay tuned for further Phantom Force news in the new year.

24th Oct 2016
Back from an amazing trip to London where filming took place onboard
the Millenium Falcon for a small scene in an upcoming episode of
Southern Troopers. Next stop... Cardiff.

16th Oct 2016

A fantastic time this weekend Directing and filming the Dark Lord
himself, David Prowse (Darth Vader from Star Wars). Shooting green
screen scenes for the final episode of Southern Troopers.

4th Oct 2016

As we gear up for a return trip to London and get over our amazing
adventure in Austria, work continues on both 'Southern Troopers' and
'The Full Moon Adventures'. News on our series 'Phantom Force' is
already doing the rounds (although an official announcement is yet to
be made)... Let's just say, 'The time is nigh'.

14th July 2016

We have returned from our latest adventure in Germany and have
continued on with work on the latest two episodes of Southern Troopers.
Green screen scenes and Drone shooting all done and now in the edit...
What's up next? ..... Well, we're off to Austria soon and filming continues
on Southern Troopers and The Full Moon Adventures.

9th June 2016

Another eventful month has passed, with just as much excitment ahead...
Whilst moving home, the month of May has taken us across Belgium, Into the fantasy creations of Full Moon, the Sci-Fi worlds of Star Wars and for
a revisit to an old project.
The coming month involves filming of a battle sequence, featuring numerous Star Wars characters, and some large scale scenes with the Southern Troopers.
Then production of the next Full Moon episode (Laserblast) begins, a meeting for a new paranormal TV show job that has been offered to us and then we're off again... this time to Germany! ....Auf Wiedersehen!

12th April 2016

22nd March 2016

The first day of filming on Andy Dawe's film 'Days of Revelation' took place recently, alongside TV star 'Jon Ian Dredge'. More updates soon...

19th Jan 2016
Danny John Jules (Red Dwarf) & Kriss Ellis-Stansfield
Stansfilm's 'Kriss Ellis-Stansfield' had his name pop up on TV last night,
credited for his involvement in Danny John-Jules' (CAT from 'Red Dwarf')
film BUCKY.

2nd Jan 2016

Happy New Year to all our friends, fans and customers! We've had a fantastic year that has taken us from London to Paris, from Amsterdam to
Disneyland, from the 'Harry Potter' studios to the 'Polar Express' and more!
We finished 2015 filming for four days at the Vue and Reel cinema's
in Plymouth for the premiere of the latest 'Star Wars' film. We also find ourselves attached to yet another of Hollywood's 'Puppet Master' movies
(Coming to Cinema's soon!).
2016 already has excitment in store as we head to Belguim in the coming months and release the first episode in our 'Full Moon' series. Stay tuned!












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