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Phantom Force

Phantom Force: Charity Special
Paranormal Mockumentary
Starring Kriss Ellis-Stansfield, Chaz Ellis-Stansfield, Scott Frosdick,
Zoe Collins, Lee Batchelor.
Directed, written and Edited by Kriss Ellis-Stansfield
Filmed by Kriss Ellis-Stansfield & Lee Batchelor
Approx 35min 21sec

Children in Need

The 'Phantom Force' team are joined by 'The Mystic Marine' (HERE...)
and 'Danger Dave' as they investigate a well known Haunted train tunnel.

This is a spoof 'Phantom Force' episode which was filmed to raise
money to 'Children in Need'. It contains scenes that are
unsuitable for younger viewers and those easily offended.

Connections - In many of our Stansfilm productions you will often find nods
from one project to another. Some more obvious than others...

1. The 'Phantom Force: Charity Special' features 'The Mystic Marine' Here.
2. A false episode preview at the end of the episode shows a teamup of
The Mystic Marine with the crew from 'The Other Side' Here, another
paranormal spoof by Stansfilm.


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